We have all dreamed of becoming Indiana Jones and finding incredible treasure, to become incredibly Rich!  It does happen but not to us.

I have a friend who just caught the bug, he bought a metal detector and he spends a few hours each week looking for lost treasure and finds a few coins but the dream lives on.

He is living the dream I just watch it.  Expedition Unknown, The Curse of Oak Island, The curse of Civil war gold. Lost gold of World War two.

The shows are fun to watch bur frustrating too, you see them getting so excited about finding some clue that turns up an old nail and the narrators breathless  voice “ An old nail can that be another clue to finding the treasure”

“YES, YES IT IS” I say just hoping that the men and women find something of value so I can live through them.

A few years ago there was a show call Treasure Quest Snake Island, was incredible as the team started searching on an Island that was crawling with deadly snakes.  There were times it scared the snake spit out of me.   The clues they found took them to South America in the search for the Treasure of the Trinity and on Season three the final episode they found it!  At least they found some really cool and valuable items.

I want to find buried treasure too.    So tonight I dive into the hunt I search the couch and the car and hopefully I will find enough missing quarters enough to buy a Diet Mt, Dew and a Burger.


Today on the morning show we proved it is hard to predict the weather

Stupid news: Idiots in North Carolina. A vacation in Idaho and a watch parrot

Laff lines; Flying, working for the Airlines and a montage of jokes form late night TV.