Ozzy Osbourne's wife and manager Sharon Osbourne is working on a film about her early courtship with her husband, according to Variety. Sharon told the publication, “It starts the day we meet and will focus on how our lives were totally different but very similar in ways: I was brought up by a powerful, successful father and Ozzy was brought up extremely poor and somewhat abused. It's definitely going to be a tearjerker. It's not going to be a sex-and-drugs movie at all. Ozzy is so much more than that. I would hate to be a cliché.”

Sharon's father was the famously ruthless rock manager Don Arden, who handled Black Sabbath, the Small Faces, Electric Light Orchestra and others. Sharon, who was estranged from her father for many years later in their lives, met Ozzy while she was working as part of her dad's team.

Sharon added that the movie is being written at the moment, with no director or cast set. When a film about Ozzy's life was being discussed a few years back, Ozzy has some ideas about casting the lead role: “When I saw The Doors film, I was kind of disappointed they used Val Kilmer (as Jim Morrison), although he did a good part. I don't want to do that Hollywood thing, I want to get somebody from Birmingham (England), an up-and-coming young actor who can pull off the accent and can be like — see, the thing that I'm trying, what I'd like to see on this film, is from where to now, from where we started to how I got to the land of the stars.”

Sharon also said that she is working on a number of new projects, including a book about “infidelity and what it does to people.” Ozzy's affairs with a celebrity hairdresser and several other women were revealed in May 2016, almost ending Ozzy and Sharon's 36-year marriage while the singer underwent therapy for sex addiction.