I consider myself a simple man with simple pleasures.  Not that I don’t enjoy something that might seem over the edge   but mostly it is little things that make me happy like BACON – you would have never guessed that would you

Other things that make me happy = Road trips, I did that this past weekend just a short time to Salt lake and to spend time with my wife.  Road trips even the short ones are awesome if you can afford the gas.

Other things that make me happy, hearing a child laugh, sleeping in, taking off my shoes when I get home, a walk on a sunny day that is still cool to cold, the smell of fresh baked goods, Breakfast for dinner, reading a good comic book, in the winter seeing a huge field of snow that has no tracks in it.  Drinking an ice cold glass of water, getting a small compliment from someone you respect. And just spending time with my wife Teresa.

Like I said I am a simple man.   I do have other things in my life that are more complicated but still bring me pleasure.

Working on the radio is sometimes stressful, but most of the time I find it nothing but pleasurable.   Working on my podcast Turnbuckle trash can be complicated but at the same a great pleasure.

I wrote this blog after having a complicated yet simple weekend that was a perfect example of what I thing life is all about.

Today is National Coke day or is it Soda or Pop,

Stupid news comes from Florida

Laff lines saving the planet and eating Organic food