Today is National Sibling’s day.

The original idea to have a Siblings day was to honor brothers and sisters who passed away at a very young age.  I have a brother who I never knew who died shortly after birth.  Sammy was a twin to my Sister Sandra who now lives in California. had some interesting things about siblings.

19 percent of us say that they are completely different than there siblings

10 percent say they are best friends with their siblings

5 percent say they have shared clothes or still share clothes with their siblings.

5 percent say they love to hang out with their bothers and sisters

Here is one stat that should surprise no one:

8 percent of those surveyed say they have fought a sibling and that fight drew blood…


We love like family but we fight like family.  Why?

We as brothers and sisters see every flaw a sibling has, and since we spend so much time together those flaws that we see and others might not are magnified.  That leads to contention and sometimes fights.

Of course if you asked my sisters they would tell you that I David Louis Denton never irritated them while growing up.  I was and still am the perfect brother!!!!  At least in my eyes.

So let me tell you a little something about my family.

As you probably know, our father passed away when I was just four years old.  Leaving my mother with my four older sisters and one 4 year old brat I mean boy to raise on her own.

I think she did an awesome job on that front.

On this Siblings day here are some memories of my sisters.

Bettye:  the oldest in our family who married while I was very young so I really didn’t get to know her very well until I was 16 and went to stay with her family in Santa Clara California for over a month.

I guess Bettye felt a little protective of her little brother because during that summer I went to church with her and there were some girls there who started to flirt with me.  Now I was 16 but I was a big kid who looked a little older.  It turned out that the girls where college students and they were inviting me to parties and a chance to hang out with them… 16 year old me OH YEAH”

About that time my sister Bettye over heard my conversation and stepped in and said this word for word, ‘YOU KNOW MY BROTHER IS ONLY 16’ my summer with college girls was over!

Gee thanks sis!

My sister has since passed away and I have one quick memory.

She had come back to Memphis in between my fist two years of college and severely injured her ankle.  Dr’s.  Would not let her travel until she had healed form a difficult surgery.  I got to spend a lot of time with her during that summer.

One day watching TV a commercial for a Forever Yours candy bar came on and she made a comment about how good it looked.  So I bought her one and brought it home the next day.  Her delight in tasting that treat still brings a tear to my eye.


Oh the stories I could tell about her.  Beautiful, artistic, a great singing voice, and funny.  I think of all my sisters I am probably more like her than the others.

Edwina loved to sing and she would make us younger kids sing with her.   I remember many times listening to records and we would have to sing and dance along.   I epically remember us singing “STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE’ she was Diana Ross and I was a Supreme!

Edwina would always call me “David Earl what a pearl’ I don’t know where she got Earl from,


The care giver of our family, after dad died and Bettye and Edwina had grown up.  It was Sandra who made sure that my sister Judy and I were taken care of.  She was a good cook so we let her cook.

Sandra had this one thing about her that as a family we still joke about to this day.   Remember we grew up in Memphis TN.  It did not snow very often there but when it did Sandra was concerned that we might run out of food.  I remember one snow storm she walked on some very icy conditions to make sure we had the staples in case we were snowed in.

The best part of being snowed in, was Sandra cooking up a big pot of Pinto beans and corn bread.  Now I don’t like corn bread but every winter that first snow fall I crave beans.

So here I sit on April 10th in Logan Utah and it is snowing outside. I want some beans.


3 years older than I am, Judy and I spent a lot of time together growing up.  Judy always got good grades in school and would always talk of her desire to be a teacher when she grew up.    WHICH SHE DID!

When she would come home with her report card I was always  a little proud of her getting all of those A’s and a lot jealous of her getting all those A’s!

Our mother worked a 3 to 11 shift at the hospital so she rarely got to bed before 1 am.   So I took advantage of that fact and made Judy wait until just before we left for school when we would wake up mom to sign the card on the back to show she knew our grades.   Somehow Mom always found out later that my grades were at best pretty bad.   I still blame Judy for that!

Oh, I am bitter.  LOL

Mom always made sure we did some family things and I remember once that one of the ice shows came to town and Judy always and still does  love watching ice skating.  I think the name of the show was “Holiday on Ice” and Mom got us tickets.   Judy was in heaven and I was in well……… the other place.  I was such a jerk that night so today I say to Judy, SORRY but I still don’t like watching that stuff.

We didn’t have a lot growing up but honestly I didn’t know any better because my sisters and I had fun.  There were good times and bad times.  Even fighting times, Tornado’s waking us up at night with sirens lighting and that loudest thunder you can imagine.

One night in April 4th of 1968 Sandra, Judy and I spent a night as scared as I have ever been.  It was the night Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was murdered.

Sandra’s boyfriend was at the house and the radio was on and I still remember the DJ making the announcement that The National Guard was to report and that it was not a drill and her boyfriend running out of our home to report.  It was a few minutes later the news came on about Dr. King.

My sisters and I were at home alone, Mom was at work at Baptist Memorial Hospital near where most of the unrest and violence was happening.  Mom called to let us know that the police were not letting the nurses to come home by themselves and she would be home when she could.

We spent the night listening to the reports of riots and civil unrest happening all over Memphis.  Luckily none of the violence made it to our neighborhood.  But the image of looking out my bedroom window seeing  a truck load of troops rifles at the ready patrolling our street is one that I will never forget along with the three of us at the dining room table trying to plan a way to protect ourselves and our home.   We were alone but if someone would have tried something that night I firmly believe they would have been surprised with what we had planned.

The years and miles separate our family now and it is difficult for us to be together. But Families are Forever! .

Happy Siblings Day!

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