Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash was asked in a recent interview with Los Angeles radio station KLOS to name his favorite albums of all time. While acknowledging that he was a fan of Black Sabbath, the legendary guitarist pointed to the Rolling Stones for his all-time faves.

Slash explained, “Sabbath is one of my favorite bands, but I think if I was going to name a favorite record that has been a favorite for all my life it would probably be either Beggars Banquet or Let It Bleed from the Stones.”

He continued, “Actually, Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, Beggars Banquet, Exile On Main St. — those four records in a row are pretty much my favorite music of all time,” naming the Stones' near-untouchable four-album run between 1968 and 1972.

Slash told us that his and his bandmates' influences have never changed: “I think the most important thing is, from wherever it is that we come from back when we were kids, when we first got inspired to be musicians and we were huge rock fans, and the whole nine yards, that's never left us. So we never got jaded in the sense that — the business might have had some certain effect on us over the years, but as far as where our roots are, and what drives us to stay in and keep doing what we're doing, that's never changed.”

Slash will be back on the road next year with Guns N' Roses, amid rumors that the band may record a new album as well.