Experts will tell you that waking up to the alarm clock is bad for you.    OK DOC TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW”

Very few people can wake up at a time they need to start the day.  I have known a few that can and I call them (insert four letter word here)

I have an alarm that goes off at 4:15am every morning, not fun!  This morning it really wasn’t fun but it made me laugh.   My wife told me that I was sprawled out on the bed with my head at the edge of the bed.    I was snoozing away when at 4:15am!  My head was only about 1 inch away from the clock.  I felt like those cartoon cats that jump up and claw the ceiling.   That thing still rings in my ears!  Then as I stumbled out of bed I was wobbly.  I have heard of something called “Sleep Drunk” that was me.   But I am happy to report no hangover!

We had our first bit of winter weather that made our morning drive a little iffy to say the best.  Most of the major roads were clear, which is good ……..However as a caller said this morning we forget how to drive in snow and fog.      TRUE DAT!

For some unknown reason some of us just won’t slow down.   I have a friend who drives through Sardine Canyon every day and he has some great stories of people passing him acting like everything was hunky dory and in a few miles they are off in a ditch.

I heard a man say Four wheel drives still go off the road because of icy conditions.   That same man said ”Yeah having four wheel drive makes it a little easier to get out of the ditch.  But when you see a four wheel car stuck IT IS STUCK!

Just a couple of observations about driving in snow ice and fog.  These are mine,  believe you me I have learned the hard way

1… Slow down

2… Don’t assume the road ways are fine.   Have you’re ever heard of black ice?

3… Don’t be in a rush.

4… Parking lots are the worst, people forget how to drive and assume that since the snow has covered the parking lot.  I can drive in any direction I want.

  1. in fog drive with you low beams on. “Oh but Dave, I can see fine” I say “YES, but can they see you”
  2. If your car is parked outside, take the time to clear off your car. Snow on the roof clean it off. Windshield front and back, and don’t forget to clean the headlights and taillights.   Remember this “BRAKE LIGHTS LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU ARE STOPPING”

I am guilty of wanting to take a few shortcuts myself but I am trying to do better.

This morning in a really foggy area a White Pick-up hauling a White trailer without the lights on COME ON PEOPLE!

Today on the morning show the top 10 things we love and hate about winter:

The Mountain West conference named the All-Conference team on Wednesday and it was a joke.  I talked with Ajay Salveson from our sister station 1390 the Fan about it and he was ticked.

Stupid news:  A D-U-I-N in Minnesota and the return of the Big Mouth Billy Bass

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