SLEEP IS OVER-RATEED!   Huh, did I actually say that?  Yes, and here is why I said it.   Last night I went to bed about 9:15pm, the 4:30 am alarm comes early in the morning, so I try to get the rest I need to do what I do.   Last night was a different story.

I tried just being still and counting backwards from 100, a trick I learned having surgery. (Maybe I needed some of that gas and drugs to really make that work).  I did some reading, Batman of course, oh and Green Lantern too.   I got up walked around a little.  I ate a snack.  I played Spider Solitaire and watched some you – tube videos.  Still no sleep.

About 3am I said well just get ready and go the station and play radio.  I get here at 4 am and no one is here—YES!  I am alone and can finally get some sleep….BUT NOOOOO.   The other stations started showing up and I didn’t want the boss to see me snoozing on the job.

Here it is almost 10 and the station is buzzing, people in the halls, the other studios are doing there on radio show. Of course mine is better right???????    You didn’t answer right away as Lucy Van Pelt says” I know when I have been insulted”


Really, here it is at the end of my morning and I am really getting tired but I have a lot more to do.   After that it’s NAP TIME!


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