We get an extra hour of sleep!  That is the plus to the time change this weekend.  The time officially changes at 2 am Sunday and that means you can sleep in a little.   Recently a lot of people have been asking the government to do away with the Daylight Saving time saying it causes more problems than benefits.

You got to admit, the extra hour of sunshine in the summer is nice, but for those of us who have to get up early it can be hard to go to bed when the sun is shining and you want to be enjoying yourself with friends outside.

Now the sun will go down earlier and it will be dark at 5pm soon.  But with winter coming having it become daytime earlier makes safer conditions for kids going to school.   And face it the extra hour of sleep in the fall is NICE!

Here are a couple of things happening here at KOOL 1039.  We want to congratulate our winners in the FALL HARVEST OF PRIZES!

Amy pope of Hyrum wins One Thousand Dollars in flooring from Hart Floor Company.

Nancy Lara of North Logan wins One Thousand Dollars of Christmas lighting from Christmas Décor

Brain Gardner of Wellsville wins One Thousand Dollars of fencing from Arrow Fencing.


Be checking your mailboxes for the” FOOD FOR FURNITURE FLYER” in it you will see how you can win your part of 20 thousand dollars of furniture from Fishers.  Not only that but you will be filling the Cache Community Food Pantry for the Holiday season.  But as they say in infomercials   ‘WAIT THERE’S MORE”   You will also find money saving coupons from area stores.

Today’s stupid news is food related:  Chipotle, Ice Cream and McDonald’s .Listen here

Laff Lines is all about the time change


Set your clocks back and get some sleep