When I 1st started mu radio career I would tell people I would never do early morning radio because I am not a morning person.   BOY WAS I STUPID OR WHAT.

Just as I finished college, (finished not graduated) I started doing morning radio shifts.  Oh there were a few jobs that I didn’t do the morning show but it always changed and there I was once again depended on my alarm clock.

I am so glad that there are no recordings of the things I have said to those things over the years.  THE EXPLITIVES ARE FLYING.

For some reason this morning I woke up about 4 minutes before my alarm goes off, and I knew what today blog is would be about.   THE SNOOZE ALARM!

I have a relative that I stayed with awhile while I was looking for work and we shared a bedroom and he would let his alarm clock go off 5 or 6 times before getting out of bed.   Drove me crazy.   If you are reading this you know who you are!

Recently a co-worker told me he was almost late for work because his snooze on his device only went off 3 times.  SAY WHAT!

I used to let my snooze go off twice before I would get and then if got so bad that I set a 2nd alarm in case the 1st didn’t go off.  Then I came to the conclusion I just needed to get up and get going as soon as that 1st alarm goes off.   I was not an easy adjustment but one I have been following for years.  But with my alarm the snooze set automatically and I have to remember to turn that off too.   So let me apologize to my wife Teresa for all the times I have forgot to turn it off and for future forgetfulness.

So as I got ready for today I found some info about why hitting the snooze isn’t the best thing for us.   It comes from SLEEPNUMBER.COM

Here’s why you should break the snooze-button habit.

  1. You feel drowsier.

According to a study published in the Public Library of Science, waking abruptly leads to a period of grogginess called sleep inertia. If you doze off every time you hit the snooze button that means your alarm wakes you abruptly a few times each morning. “Hitting the snooze button can actually make sleep inertia worse,” says Elika Kormeili, a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep. “It will leave you dragging throughout the day.”

  1. You miss out on deep sleep.

The fragmented sleep you get in between pressing the snooze button doesn’t count toward your total hours, Kormeili says. Your body doesn’t have time to fall back into restorative deep sleep. Instead of hitting the snooze button three times, consider setting an alarm 15 minutes later, or recharge with a 15 minute nap midday.

  1. Productivity plummets.

A study at the University of Surrey in the UK found that hitting the snooze button in the morning can affect cognitive functions throughout the day. Rather than feeling well-rested, you may have trouble concentrating or making decisions.

  1. Your sleep cycle gets thrown out of whack.

“In my experience, people ‘snooze’ repeatedly,” Kormeili says. “This behavior causes havoc on your sleep patterns.” When your alarm jolts you awake in the middle of a sleep cycle, you’ll likely feel groggy, but you don’t have time to complete a full sleep cycle after hitting the snooze button. So that extra five minutes doesn’t help much. In fact, according to a study published in the journal Sleep Medicine, interrupted sleep can negatively impact your mood and attention span as much as getting no sleep at all.

  1. Your memory may lag.

According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, we process new experiences and new skills during the REM stage of our sleep cycle. If you set your alarm earlier than necessary just to allow enough wiggle room to snooze a few times, you may be interrupting this important step in the sleep cycle. Set your alarm for when you need to get up — and consider putting your alarm clock out of arm’s reach, so you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off.

I choose not to snooze!   I just nap between songs!

Today on the Morning show:  the Governator turns 71 and Batman the movie

Stupid news:  Cowboy boots sandals, and Mighty Mouse has been rescued.

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