Winter  love it or hate it comes every year.

Growing up in Memphis our winters were wet and cold but not a lot of snow.  We would get some once or twice a year and occasionally a storm would dump over a foot of snow.

As a kid I would get excited to see it snow because it meant SNOW CREAM.  I do not know the recipe, but I do know it was really good.

o here is the deal as a kid I loved snow and now as an adult I still love snow….  sort of.  I dread driving in it, but I do love the beauty of a fresh snow fall.

I get  a good laugh every year when the first snow hits and Facebook light up with the haters of winter.   I found this the other day



  1. The days are too short.

      2.Not enough sunshine.


  1. Scraping ice off your windshield.


  1. Your heating bills go up.


  1. It seems like you always feel too cold.


  1. Waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark.


  1. Dry skin and chapped lips.


  1. Having to do all your chores inside.  Like not being able to hang clothes out to dry.


  1. Falling, slipping, and sliding on ice.


  1. When you have to get out of your warm bed in the morning.



Here are a few more that just missed the top ten:  Getting out of the shower when it’s cold . . . and  waiting for your car to warm up . . .


So, the next few months we will wait for the spring and then summer will arrive and we can complain about the heat!!!!!!


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