Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.  Has the growth of social media stopped?  Maybe, I am not saying that social media will ever go away but it has become a monster that is destroying itself.

Several years ago I reluctantly joined Facebook and I loved it.  I got in touch with friends I had not heard from in years.  I found seeing post of the things my friends were doing and the highs and lows of life so much fun!  I like a lot of you were hooked.

Then it happened.  Somehow social media was overrun with people who had to make negative comments about everything.  Politics is the worst!

I have said on this blog several times that we are in danger of losing one of our basic human rights.   THE RIGHT TO DISAGREE!  Think about, you share your opinion on a subject and someone decides that you are the biggest moron on the face of the planet and because of keyboard bravery they feel they can call you every name in the book just to hurt your feelings and to belittle your opinion.   I know it has happened to me.  Just because I disagreed with someone on a political issue I was objected to  ridicule by one person and that led to friends of mine trying to defend my honor and more and more people involved and it all led to fractured relationship and the act of defriending someone.

Why, because we disagreed.   You might want to know at no time while this happened did I every resort to belittling and name calling.  I tried to make fun of the situation and make my former friend know that I respected his view but we disagreed on this matter.   What a shame, this happened almost 2 years ago and we are still not in touch with each other.  I guess we were not that good of friends after all.

Before I get to negative on social media I will say I do have friends that I can disagree with and that friendship has not been hurt at all.

I have no problem with someone has a different opinion than I do.  I think that is helpful in many ways.   As long as we treat each other with respect I have no problem with a different opinion than mine.

I am so tired of all the negative comments on both sides of the political spectrum that 99% of the time I see a political post I ignore it.  I just don’t care for the arguments and the name calling.

Why did this blog come about because of this from NBC news? Which had this headline

82% of Us Agree Social Media Is a Huge Waste of Time

  Social media has dominated the last 15 years of our life.  But has it made our lives better?  Well, according to a new “Wall Street Journal” poll, the majority of us aren’t sure it has.

Here are some fresh stats about our ongoing relationship with social media . . .

  1. Six in 10 Americans don’t trust Facebook to protect their personal information.  And only 6% said they trust it “a lot” or “quite a bit.”
  2. 57% of us think sites like Facebook and Twitter do more to divide our country than unite it.
  3. 55% think social media helps spread lies and falsehoods more than educate us against misinformation.  And 61% think it also helps spread unfair attacks and rumors.
  4. And 82% of us admit social media is a huge TIME-WASTER in general.

But despite all that, 69% of people in the poll said they still check social media at least once a day.  Although 42% of us have tried to limit our social media use in the last two years.

I really hope that people will smarten up and start to use social media for what it should be.  A way to stay in touch and to reconnect with friends and family.

So if you are a friend of mine of social media know this.  I love seeing pictures of your trips, your meals at restaurants, you kids, your pets.   I also grieve with you when life takes a turn for the worse.

To me that is why I joined social media and the reason I stay on social media.   So if you are one of those that feels like you have to express your opinion on every issuer out there, even the ones you know nothing about I hope you don’t get offended if I just ignore you for a while.   Oh by the way feel free to ignore me too.


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