Whenever you are “Live on the air” things happen.

When the earthquake hit Nevada a few years ago we felt it here in Logan!  I was on the air about 7:15 am when the microphone stated moving and hit me in the nose!  Well to be honest it was more of a small bop on the nose.

I was on the air in Montgomery city MO. when lighting hit our radio tower and came traveled into the studio and gave me a shock. (Once again not bad)

I have had coworkers MOON me, throw things at me. Sneak up on me to scare me all on the air. Doing a sports broadcast a parent of one of the players was upset at a Ref, he turned around got about 2 inches from my face to express his displeasure.  Face it the man was more than displeased and loudly expressed it with a string of profanities that would make a sailor blush.  I think the entire seventh fleet proud!

Then you have the times when your body takes over sneezing burping and other loud explosive body functions happen.  But this morning was a first listen to this

Well at least it was better than some explosive body sounds….

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