When I was a kid I loved playing like I was a Super Hero! Most of the time I was Batman, but at times I would say “I AM IRON MAN’ However as I age I think my Iron is rusting and rusting bad.

It was 10 years ago today that Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark said

What a great movie I saw and loved it and Robert Downey Jr was the perfect actor to portray the womanizing boozing playboy and brilliant weapons designer who say the error of his ways  (well he kinda stopped those things) and became a high tech fighter of EVIL!

Jon Favreau the director and portrayed Tony’s Driver Happy Hogan did a masterful job with a movie that had plenty of on sight problems.  There were rewrites on the day of shooting and lots of improvising as they film they still managed to give us a thrilling fun movie.

Side note here.  I think this is why the Marvel movies are better than most DC movies.  Marvel goes with fun and some funny scenes, where at DC they forgot the element of fun.

As a fan of Super Hero movies and Wrestling I notice something about 6 months ago, the actor Jeff Bridges who portrayed the evil Obadiah Stone has a twin in the WWE.  Triple H

The 1st Iron man movie also had Terrance Howard as Tony’s best friend who became WAR MACHINE.  But by the 2nd movie the actor was dropped and replaced by Don Cheadle.

Iron man was the 1st of the Marvel Movies that all lead to Avengers Infinity Wars.  So far the movie franchise has earn more than 15 billion dollars.   That would buy a lot of Iron.

Today on the morning I decided I need to slack off and today is National Paranormal day

Stupid news: Two Stupid crooks and a Baseball diamond has real diamonds

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