August 21, 2015

spell check

Man this has been a busy week! I can just imagine how busy it is for parents and Grandparents getting the kids ready to go back to school. My how times have changed
I am going to sound like an old man here but hey I’m aloud I am 58 so I am getting up there. When I was in school we started right before the Labor Day weekend, so after a few days of the 3 R’s it was time for 3 days of no school. I always thought that was a little strange, but any time I didn’t have to go to school was welcomed by me.
I was not a good student to say the least and I thought it pretty good to get a C on my report card. If I got a B I would be really happy and if I got an A my mom would faint!!! She very rarely fainted.
My mom would always say to me “if you like the subject you always do well, but you don’t even try if you don’t like the subject” Mom sure knew me, I enjoyed history some science and LUNCH! When it came to math and English mmmm not so much! So you always see a lot of errors in what I write that’s why. I learned how to speak correctly, but to this day I would have trouble telling an adverb from an adjective and let’s not even talk about spelling. I AM HORRIBLE! Spell Check is my friend.
A quick story to illustrate the point. I failed spelling in the 8th grade, and honestly I tried to become better but there was a disconnect somewhere. But in the 10th grade my English class had a spelling bee and I came in 3rd!!!! MOM FAINTS AGAIN! Here is the secret to my success “HOGANS HERO’S”. You remember the sitcom based on a WW 2 prisoner of war camp, I loved that show! During the spelling bee about half the class could not spell the word COLONEL like Colonel in the armed forces, but if you remember the little French character would always call him CO –O- NEL Hogan. So when it came my turn I stood up and proudly spelled the word much to the amazement to my classmates. Who says you can’t learn from watching TV?
My mom was right I should have spent more time with my books than I did with Gilligan’s Island, Hogan’s Heroes, Hollywood Squares and Batman. But I was a dumb kid who is now a not quite as dumb adult!

Here is some of the fun stuff we talked about this week!