Early-'90s jam band hitmakers the Spin Doctors will be hitting the New York Tri-state area next month for a few shows. The January gigs will take in stops in Montclair, New Jersey, along with Huntington, New York, and Manhattan.

The band, which still features its four original members, is best known for its 1992 Top Three album, Pocket Full Of Kryptonite, which featured the hits “Little Miss Can't Be Wrong,” and the Spin Doctors' sole Top 10 hit, “Two Princes.”

A while back, Spin Doctors frontman Chris Barron told us that in light of the tragedy that their good friends Blues Traveler suffered in 1999, he really feels blessed to be able to carry on with all of his band's original members: “It's one of the things that drives home how great it is that we're all back together and alive, is, y'know, Bobby Sheehan, the bass player of the Blues Traveler dying a couple of years ago really drives the point home of how amazing it is. I mean, I love that band, and at the same time, y'know, they'll never be able to play with the original lineup again.”