I am a fan of sports, all sports and especially when you are young you have your favorite players on your favorite team, and it breaks your heart when that favorite players “takes his talents elsewhere”

Today’s news that Tom Brady would not be playing for the Patriots next season was not a surprise and to be honest I don’t care.  I have never been a fan even if I think he is one of if not the best to ever play Quarterback.

But the announcement did make me think about other famous athletes who spent the twilight of their careers with another team.

The player that affected me the most, is not a house hold name, he was one of the best of his era of football and he played for my favorite NFL team THE ST. LOUIS FOOTBALL CARDINALS.  His name was Jim Hart, Hart was the QB that had a great arm and could really throw for accuracy down field.  He had some great seasons with teams that were good and some not so good.  But I was a fan and was hart broken (Jim Hart—Hart broken get it) when he played his final season with the Washington Redskins

But alas I have a happy ending to this story because a co-worker of mine at WTPR in Paris TN and I went to Bush Stadium and got to see Jim Hart play for the Redskins.  Well he did dress out anyway.

Our seats were on the 3rd row in the end zone and as the players came out of the locker rooms  here comes my childhood hero #17 Jim Hart about 10 feet away from me!  I shouted to him and he turned and waved!  That made the entire trip worth it.  That a 2 stops at Whitecaslte before and after the game.

Other stars that I was surprised that ended their carriers with another team

Johnny Unitas- The high top black cleats just didn’t look right in the Chargers powder blues

Hakeem the dream Olajuwon a 12 time all-star in the NBA for the Rockets was traded to the Toronto Raptors

The Say Hey Kid Willie spent most of his career with the San Francesco Giants but was traded to the Mets

Joe Montana won super bowls with the 49’s but despite playing well for the Kansas City Chiefs he retired.

After I moved to Utah 25 years ago I became a huge fan of the Mailman Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz.  I mean what sports fans hasn’t hear the phrase ‘STOCKTON TO MALONE”    Karl spent 18 years with the Jazz only to leave  chasing a championship ring with the L.A. Lakers.   I think the most hurtful thing for me and Jazz fans was Karl playing in a Lakers Uniform.  I don’t think I will ever get that memory out of my mind.

There are plenty of others in sports but these were the ones that shocked me the most

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