Oscar Madison of The Odd Couple was my role model!

I am not a good house keeper, it seems when I clean up one thing 2 things appear out of nowhere!  I have been volunteering and part of that effort has been to get a room cleaned up to prepare it for a small office space.   I THINK I BIT OFF MORE THAN I CAN CHEW!

I have been working on and off the past several months when time and health allowed and I thought I was close to being finished.  BOY WAS I WRONG!

It is a cramped space anyway that is made smaller by a large desk and 4 door filing cabinet, a ceiling fan in a box and a vacuum cleaner ( the floor is vinyl)  and boxes of junk being stored there.   I have taking out to the trash 3 boxes and 4 garbage bags full of mostly papers and books.

Yesterday I decided to attack the desk which is where I made my 1st mistake.  The smaller drawer was full of old office supplies, does anybody use white out anymore?  You wouldn’t this whiteout had dried out.   Then it was onward and upward to attack with a vigor that only someone with a sore back could do and what did I find.  Paper and books even a Journal that someone had written in 3 whole times.  But I was shocked when I opened the bottom drawer and it was full of ……. Stuff.

As I started to remove items and seeing what we should keep or toss I was shocked to find a Microphone that had never been used and 5 mic cables and about 15 small electronic devices meant to help people hear a speaker in another room.  I did what I could and as I was leaving I thought to myself “Oscar would be proud”

When I get home and I want to start putting away some of the comic books I have collected.  If you read yesterday’s post you will see I haven’t felt well for several months and now that I am starting to feel better.   On top of that I got behind after my knee replacement surgery.  Remember cleanup 1 thing 2 appear.

I might not have felt good but I still added to my collections.   Like I said Oscar Madison is my hero.

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