MARCH 20TH 2015


Spring is here! That is some good news after a year with very little winter! Wow, what a crazy year this has been already. The big worry is what kind of impact this dry warm winter will have on our water supply? I will let the experts deal with that, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start finding way to conserve water for this summer.
Spring is such a great time of the year, with all the things we start to do outside like yard work and gardening, and sneezing. I am one of those lucky people with classic Hay Fever! If I don’t take those daily pills the itchy watery eyes, the sneezing and hives hit me hard. Today I am grateful for Allegra
As I contemplate spring I also have to think back on past springs. Everyone here at the Cache Valley media group is excited about this year’s Home and Garden show at the Eccles Ice Center on March 27th and 28th. It is always so KOOL to be able to see and talk with so many of you each and every year. Hope to see you there
At KOOL 103.9 we also love spring because it means a chance to give you some of the boss’s money (LOL). It is time for the Spring Green Money Machine with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in cash and prizes. We start paly on Monday March 30th.
Which brings me to my next thought on Spring, SNOW! It seems to me that every year during the 1st week of Spring we get SNOW! I always feel funny talking about spring when it is snowing. But then I remember where we live and realize that we can get snow anytime during the spring. Last year I started my vacation on Mother’s Day with a little snow in Logan, as we traveled south on I- 15 it got worse and worse with a major winter storm. Between Fillmore and Beaver the roads were in horrible shape and my wife was driving. She is an excellent driver but I wished I could take over for her but we could not find a safe place to pull off the switch. We saw several semi’s off the road and traffic was at a crawl and the trip to Laughlin Nv. which normally takes 8 and ½ hours took almost 12!
One more spring snow story- took place on June 12th of 2002, yes the year of the winter games in Salt Lake City. If you remember not much snow that year until right before the games when a stormed dumped almost 20 inches in one day. That was the year I was having some serious health issue that sent me to a doctor in Salt Lake City and a surgery at U of U. My final follow up exam was June 12th 2002. I woke in the morning looked outside and it was snowing those huge wet spring snow flakes. It snowed the entire trip into Salt Lake City and at the U of U hospital the snowplows were out! It was on JUNE 12th WHAT??????????????????
Well I should wish you a happy and safe spring and thank you once again for listening. Here are just some of the things we did this week including NATE our guest DJ