Squeeze is back on North American soil with its “Difford And Tilbrook Songbook 2019” tour. Leaders Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook spoke about the trek to Billboard, with Tilbrook explaining, “We have such a catalog of songs that are amazing. We didn't always do the right versions of them when we recorded them, but we've got some really beautiful songs that, really, live, haven't seen much of the light of day, so it's been really great to delve. I don't like looking backwards, mostly, but this being the object of the tour, it was really lovely to do that. To examine the songs and treat them like they were new songs. Some of the versions aren't exactly like the records and probably, where we didn't like the records, they sound a bit different.”

Tilbrook, who writes the music and top melody to Difford's lyrics, went on to say, “I think we've managed to get this far by just giving ourselves a lot of space. We don't see each other from one tour to the next and or from one record to the next, and I think that distance and that gap gives you renewed enthusiasm. . . Now, it's a different kind of fun. It's a good-spirited fun, I like to think and we're very lucky to be able to tour in a comfortable way and I think that's what makes it pleasurable.”

Chris Difford, who remains one of the few artists to have written lyrics for Elvis Costello, spoke about the band's place in the music industry 45 years after forming: “Selling records and chart positions is something from the past, like a language I'd almost forgotten about. I suppose as songwriters we're a bit like watchmakers: people don't want new watches anymore but they still want to read the time. . . We can work within a very small circumference of dedicated fans not only from the past but from the present and that's what keeps a band like Squeeze going. I've got no problem with not having success on a grand scale because the success to me is just getting up and playing the songs.”

Squeeze has always been known to replicate their classic '80s hits pretty faithfully on stage. Glenn Tilbrook admits that it's tough to improve upon the band's classic original arrangements: “Unless you're gonna completely go back to the drawing board, it's hard to unpick the arrangement from the song. I'm thinking of something like 'Another Nail For My Heart,' or say, for instance, like 'Tempted' — something which is so firmly wedded to the style that it was recorded, and the fact that it's so tightly written, there isn't a lot of room to play about. There are Squeeze songs like 'Take Me I'm Yours' or even 'Black Coffee In Bed' that lend themselves much more to being tweaked about in one way or another.”