When you live in a valley like Cache Valley the weather is in a word unpredictable spring in Northern Utah ya gotta love it and I do.

Growing up in Tennessee I did not see a lot of winter. Oh the was snow and sometimes heavy but most years it was just cold and wet.  When it did snow it would melt away quickly.

The biggest difference I have seen in weather between Tennessee and here in Utah is spring time.   In Tennessee spring was of course beautiful the main drawback was living in Tornado Alley.

When I moved to Cache Valley almost 25 years ago I had to get used to new weather patterns.  Most of that had to do with spring, the old adage of “If you don’t like the weather… WAIT”

Cold crisp moorings becoming sunny mild to warm afternoons. Then it is time for a cold front with winds and who knows what sleet, hail, rain, snow.  I have seen all four in the space of about 5 minutes.

I learned quickly that travel in the spring can be a gamble.   Leave the valley floor and going into Sardine Canyon you need to be ready for anything.   That does not include the cops in Mantua!!!!

Then as the weather warms and the summer season gets closer you get a false sense of security. A few years ago we took a vacation and left on Mother’s Day and drove south on I-15 when KABLAMO.  Between Fillmore and Cedar City a storm hit that had so many trucks sliding off the road and the plows were either not out or unable to keep up.   I felt bad because my wife was driving and there was no place to safely pull off the road way.

You would think June would be a safe time to travel.  NOT SO SNOWFLAKE BREATH!  June 12th 2002 I wake up look out the window and it looked like January 12th.  I had a Doctor‘s appointment in Salt Lake city.  It snow the whole way down and I was told that Sardine Canyon was closed shortly after we made it through.   CRAZY

Then there is yard work and when you should or should not plant.  Some old timers told me to look for the Sevens on the Mountains between Hyrum and Providence.  Then I was told to wait to plant most of your flower plants until Memorial Day.


Today on the morning show Ajay Salveson from THE FAN called in from the site of the NCAA tournament to get us ready for The Aggie game VS Washington on Friday.  You can hear it hear

Ajay will be calling in Friday morning at 7:45 am to get us ready for the game which can be seen on TNT at 4:50

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