When my alarm goes off at 4:15am every morning I jump out of bed with the anticipation of another great day….. Well I stretch the truth just a little…. Or maybe a lot.

Don’t get me wrong but 4:15 in the Am is early and I depend on getting my day at the radio station started on the right foot!

But sometimes…. The left foot rules.   That happened earlier this week when I arrive at 5am and realize that it will be a left foot kind of day.

I was dealing with two different tech issues that were putting me behind in what I do to be “ON THE AIR! BRIGHT EYED AND BUSHY TAILED”.

You do pick up things over the years that help you understand the tech issue you have.  So I went to work. Not to anyone surprise I did not prevail.  I was frustrated as 6am got closer.

I saw a purple blur!  No it wasn’t a bird or a plane it was a tech guy in his purple PJ’S here to fix one problem.  But there were two problems.

I could not log on to my computer — the password did not work.  What was I going to do the clock was not my friend it was almost 6am!

Then I got a phone call from another tech guy, I do not know what color his PJ’S were but he was saving the day.

Several attempts to log on failed and 6am was getting closer than my hero had a plan and it worked to perfection.  I was saved with 3 minutes to spare too.

So that is how my day started off on the LEFT FOOT!

Today is National BBQ Day and Love a tree day

Stupid news goes to Canada and a honey of a deal in Indiana.

Laff lines: Bing watching and eating organic foods