I am not going to be on the radio for the next few days.  I am taking a STAYCATION.   Wednesday May 30th is my Birthday and I will be celebrating with my wife who is have a minor surgery on Wednesday.    I hope the hospital has cake!  Her procedure is minor but I feel I need to stay with her for a few days to provide comfort and security.  Plus I need the time off!  Naps Naps and more Naps.   Oh yeah food too!

So on today’s blog post I thought I would talk Vacations and Staycations.

Growing up I never had a “FAMILY VACATION”.  We just didn’t have the money to take off in the family trickster and drive to Disneyland.

Shortly after my Father passed away a church friend volunteered to drive my Mother, Sisters and I to Mesa Arizona to go to the LDS temple there.  I remember very little about it since I might have been 5 years old.

Now my sisters will probably correct me on my one memory out of that trip.   I remember my sister Judy throwing up on me.   I might be a false memory but I remember it so it happened right!

Several years ago my wife Teresa and I went to Mesa again and standing on the grounds I had flashbacks of being there but the trees were a lot bigger.

Our family vacations were more like trips to Grandma’s house on weekend a few times a year.  My Grandma always had me some Chocolate Cake.

When I was 16 my oldest Sister Bettye and her family had come from Santa Clara Ca to visit.  I went back with them and remember driving through Salt Lake and Wendover on our way west.  While I was there a group of college girls thought I was older than 16 and invited me to a party with them.  OH YEAH, HORMONES WERE RAGING!    Bettye heard us talking and reminded them that I was ONLY 16!   Oh yeah hormones and a cold shower for me!

The next year it was a cousin vacation with my cousin Randal along the Lincoln Heritage trail.   With a stop in Cincinnati and a vest to an amusement park where they had a daily parade.  This so called parade had a few Hanna Barbera cartoon characters and maybe a float.  all I remember here I was at this park and I had to stop to watch this parade and shouting to the top of my lungs ‘OH BOY WHAT A GYP”   It was on this same trip that I found out the term “FLEA BAG HOTEL” was true.

Since I married Teresa we try to go somewhere to have fun and relax.   Most of the time it is a trip to our favorite location Laughlin Nevada.

We have also did a vacation to Phoenix Arizona to see the Cards play.  We got there it was 115 degrees.  Reno was a great vacation and I think my favorite was a car drive to Scotts Bluff Nebraska to hook up with the Mormon Oregon trail and follow it back to Utah.  I love history and saw so many incredible sites.

So as I do my Staycation I am reminded of the Vacation Movies and my favorite Vegas Vacation.   Here is a clip.


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