There are two weather says that drive me insane.

It’s not the heat it’s the humidity and it’s a dry heat.

Well let me tell you something


Growing up in the south, I experience heat and humidity the combination is unreal at times.   To beat the heat on Saturday’s we would cram the car and we would drive a few miles into northern Mississippi and spend the day at a lake swimming.  It was really fun and we always made new friends while we were there. That didn’t mean I never got into trouble while at the lake.  One Saturday we made a natural waterslide on a hill by the lake.  We actually dug out a crude waterslide that was as slick as a regular slide.  This slide was made out of mud!

We were a muddy mess climbing up the hill and sliding down into the water.   Let’s just say I stared the day with white shorts and by the time the days was over my white shorts were the color of Mississippi mud.

Another great to not so great childhood memory involves Air conditioning. I was just a kid when my mother finally saved up enough money to purchase a large Air Conditioner. I watched as some men cut a hole into    the wall overlooking the dining room.  I remember standing shirtless on the table to feel the rush of the cold air envelope me in summer busting KOOLNESS!  I loved that Air co.  That is until it broke down on one of the hottest days of the year.  We didn’t have enough money to get it fixed until mom’s next paycheck.

When you get used to air-co then you don’t have it the sweat glands go into overdrive.

Nighttime was the worst- you opened every door, every window the fans were on high and you were still miserable.

But with that misery comes a great memory.  Instead of sleeping in out beds or outside where misquotes the size of a Buick would attack you, we curled up on the floor by the front door hoping and praying for cooler air.  We laughed every time a breeze would come in through the door.  We would all shout “BREEZE” and wrestle for the best position to enjoy the slightly cooler moment.

I don’t know how many day’s we went through this torture but  to this day on a hot day and I feel breeze I remember my sisters and I fighting for position to feel the KOOLNESS.

I think I will go turn down the thermostat and enjoy the next best invention next to Air condoning… CENTRAL AIR



Stupid news: Traffic comes to a standstill in Atlanta and a Traffic stop in Oklahoma

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