Paul McCartney's daughter Stella McCartney credits buying second hand clothes as a teen for her unique fashion designs. While talking to, Stella explained, “I’ve grown up in a family that doesn’t chuck stuff away. And it sounds silly, but I didn’t have a huge amount of money as a kid. My mum and dad were really clever; I went to a comprehensive (school) and I wasn’t given a load of cash, so I would go to vintage and second-hand shops and markets to buy clothes.”
Stella McCartney, who is among the top fashion designers of her generation, spoke about how her mother, the late-Linda McCartney, influenced her sense of style: “My mum was my big inspiration. I think she had the coolest sense of style ever, but for me it was cool because it was her. It was a true reflection of her really not giving a s***what people thought and, being the wife of a Beatle, I think that’s pretty impressive.”

Stella McCartney, who's now 47, explained that having solid parents and a close relationship with her siblings grounded her and set the course for her success: “Y'know, I do look at my upbringing and think it enabled me to not have to compromise. That's one of the biggest blessings it gave me, that I always, sort of, knew — I still know — that if everything goes horribly wrong, I can fall back on a really loving, caring, unconditional family unit and will be okay, y'know? I have a good buffer and I think that afforded me to not compromise my ethics going into my workplace.”

Paul McCartney remains impressed by how Stella's designs mature and change every season: “She's really grown, y'know? Really come into her own. She's got a very recognizable style now. I think it's beautiful. I think it's like a fine Mercedes now, y'know? It's a beautiful thing — changes each year, but it remains the same in some ways. I think it's very clever, very sexy — strong.”