Out today (October 11th) is Steve Miller's long-awaited box set, titled Welcome To The Vault. The three-CD, one-DVD collection, which spans the 1960's and '70s, is spread across 52 audio tracks featuring well known classics -- with 38 previously unissued recordings -- including five unreleased Miller compositions. Miller has combed his personal archive for rare photos and memorabilia, with the set also including a DVD with 21 performances spanning the past six decades.

According to the original press release:

The Welcome To The Vault DVD features 21 incredible live performances, including rare footage from 1967's Monterey Pop Festival, a Dutch TV filmed performance of the Fillmore West from 1970, a 43-minute September 1973 concert at New York's Palace Theater broadcast on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (unseen since the '70s), an ABC In Concert performance with James Cotton (1974), a performance of "Abracadabra" from Michigan's Pine Knob from that album tour in 1982, and selections from Austin City Limits (2011), as well as Miller's intimate 1990 performance with Les Paul at New York City's Fat Tuesday's.

We caught up with Steve Miller while he was compiling the new box set, and he revealed that from what they had collected so far, the box set will make for a fascinating listen: "Some of the outtakes are different versions of songs. There was a period of time when I was working on a lot of songs at the same time for Fly Like An Eagle and Book Of Dreams and I had verses and lyrics and music and I was just interchanging a lot of it until I got everything right. And a lot of stuff from that period was interesting. I found outtakes that were really good. I found some really great live performances."

Steve Miller told us that it's obvious when listening to his first string of albums, he was going from strength to strength as his songwriting and command of the studio improved: "While I was making my records I was always very serious about recording and work, and you realize that sometimes, you're, like, really, really focused, and there are periods of your life where you're work is much better than it is at other times. And, y'know, for me it's so clear, I can see when I was struggling. If you listen to Children Of The Future compared to Fly Like An Eagle, that shows you the amount of growth in the first nine or ten albums."

The Steve Miller Band has only two dates left on the books for 2019 -- with both shows set for Oklahoma.

The band will next play on December 27th at Tulsa's River Spirit Casino. The next night, December 28th, the Miller Band closes out the year at Durant's Grand Theater.