Fans were surprised that more of Paul McCartney and Steve Miller's joint collaborations won't be included in McCartney's "Super Deluxe" archival box set of his upcoming Flaming Pie album. Ultimately, Miller appeared on four released tracks -- "Young Boy," "If You Wanna," the co-written duet blues workout, "Used To Be Bad," and the B-side, "Broomstick" -- but the upcoming box set, due out in July, fails to tap further into their 1995 sessions.

The full tracklist to the collection has been leaked and although a healthy amount of home demos will appear on the set, the long rumored McCartney & Miller tracks -- said to amount to about a half-album's worth of songs -- have been passed over for the project. When we last caught up with Steve Miller, we asked him if he recalled his 1995 joint tracks with McCartney: "Yeah (laughs), there's about six or seven of 'em, just sort of layin' around. But, y'know, here's the thing; those were songs, like, the two you mentioned are two songs that I wrote. One was an instrumental and I think McCartney just made up some lyrics on it -- 'Soul Boy' is that one. And 'Sweet Home Country Girl' is a little blues tune that I'd been working on for years. And we did a bunch of tunes and we recorded a bunch of stuff. But, y'know, just because Paul McCartney's on it doesn't mean it's a hit, or it's a great song, or it's fabulous, or 'Man, this is the best piece of work I ever heard! You gotta put this out.' And so, if it doesn't come out, there's usually a reason for it."