Steve Perry has released a new video for his track, “We're Still Here” from his 2018 comeback album, Traces. The former-Journey frontman has just issued a deluxe, expanded 15-track version of the album online. The expanded album features the new bonus tracks “October In New York,” “Angel Eyes,” “Call On Me,” “Could We Be Somethin' Again,” and “Blue Jays Fly.” The new video for “We're Still Here” is the first non-performance clip from the album.

Steve Perry shed light on how “We're Still Here” came about, saying in a statement, “(My collaborator) Brian (West) and I had just started writing the song and were sketching it out in the studio. When we broke for dinner, I went to this place down the street, and that was the first time I’d been in Hollywood in a long time. There I was on Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood and Vine just walking around. I saw a whole new generation of 16 and 17-year-olds running around just. . . alive. And through these kids I felt a kinship. We’re still here doing the same thing.”

Much of the Traces touches on Steve Perry's year-and-a-half whirlwind romance with late-psychologist Kellie Nash as she was battling stage four breast cancer, which led to her death in 2012 at age 40: “I found Kellie and lost Kellie. (My) passion for music returned. It was amazing. Y'know, everybody thinks they have a pretty good heart, but when your heart really gets broken. . . I mean a heart really isn't broken until it's completely broken. And in my case, that was the completion of a broken heart — and I'm telling you, that's the good news — that's not the bad news. Because from that comes a whole 'nother perspective on life and a whole 'nother perspective on music.”