Sting says that his and Shaggy's joint album, 44/876, was created to help shed light and positivity in a decidedly dark and negative time. The pair are currently on tour and on Wednesday night (September 19th), hit Washington D.C.'s Theater at MGM National Harbor. Fans and critics alike have been drawn to one of the deeper message tracks on the feel-good album of the year, which provides a sort of musical State of the Union, titled “Dreaming In The U.S.A.”

The collection — which is named after the respective dialing codes for England and Jamaica — debuted at an impressive Number 40 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and entered the UK Charts at Number Nine.

Sting told us that he and Shaggy's collaborations have several different layers to them: “I think both of us take seriously the role that music can play at times like this, when the politics of the world are dangerous and threatening. Music has a value that's heightened because people need to smile, they need to feel there's some hope, they need to feel that tomorrow things will get better. So, the album has a light, sunshine feeling, but there's also a kind of brooding threat behind that. And as artists that's. . . we have to reflect that. But, our job is to entertain. So, I hope it's a balance between those two things.”