Sting has re-recorded his 1979 Police classic for cancer funding. His official website (, posted a message to fans shedding light on Maggie's -- a UK charitable organization that provides free cancer support -- with Sting's new version of the song recorded as part of Giving Tuesday. The post explained, "Cancer care is especially important. The organization offers assistance to people struggling with fear and anxiety around treatment delays."

Sting said in a statement: "I hope to help to shine a light on the important work that Maggie's is doing to support cancer patients at this most difficult time. I know how crucial Maggie's professional, practical and emotional support is at the best of times, but it is needed now more than ever."

Sting told us that nowadays, he's made a concerted effort to shake up how he composes new material: "I've begun in recent years to really try and structure the music first, and then, if it's structured correctly, it will be telling you an abstract story of a kind. So all I had to do then was just listen to the music and get it to tell me a story, y'know, suggest a mood, suggest a character, suggest a line or a story -- a little soap opera, if you like."

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