Although he's currently busy with his month-long Californian stand in his musical, The Last Ship, Sting is already thinking about his upcoming Las Vegas run. The former-Police leader is now starring as shipyard foreman, "Jackie White," in the musical's five city residency.

Sting's upcoming Vegas production, titled My Songs, will run at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and "will present a compendium of Sting's songs with dynamic, visual references to some of his most iconic videos and inspirations."

Sting appeared on Billboard's podcast Pop Shop and explained how the upcoming residency will differ from his Vegas shows in the past: "Y'know, I've played Vegas many, many times over the years. Coming in for one night to play in the various entertainment venues. This will actually be the first time I have my own 'room' that's dedicated to me and telling my story through songs. So, I won't be changing a gown every song -- but there is an opportunity to make a more theatrical show than I normally would. I normally just rely on good lights, (a) great band, and songs. I think Caesars Palace is a great room and I'll be telling my story through songs."