Sting fans have a reason to head across the Northern border later this week when his acclaimed musical, The Last Ship, hits Toronto. Sting, who'll play the role of shipyard foreman "Jackie White," had previously played the role of "Jimmy Nail" during the show's 2014 Broadway run when Tony-nominated show was on its last legs. The upcoming Toronto run plays from Saturday, February 9th to March 24th at Toronto's Princess of Wales Theatre.

Sting spoke about the musical on his official website,, touching upon the various cities that has staged the show: "It was extremely moving to witness the incredible audience response in each city we visited. It will be hugely exciting and a personal privilege for me to perform in the show in Toronto and I’m looking forward to The Last Ship continuing its journey there."

During initial Broadway run, Sting told us that The Last Ship earned its right to be on the "Great White Way" every single night: "It’s so exciting, y’know, you get a new audience in there every night, and we fight a battle every night and we win that battle hands down in the theatre. And that word of mouth is great -- but it’s a challenge. Y’know, it’s not an easy. . . easy world, Broadway. It’s tough. But, I’m having the time of my life, I’ll tell you (laughs)."