Sting will reprise his current role in the Toronto revival of The Last Ship early in 2020 during a month-long run at L.A.'s Ahmanson Theatre. Sting, who plays the role of shipyard foreman "Jackie White," is currently performing in the latest version of the Tony-nominated musical, at Toronto's Princess of Wales Theatre.

Sting, who'll be part of the current Toronto run through March 24th, spoke about his involvement in the show, telling Billboard, "I'd like to think this play could live without me. I don't want to be tied to the mast for the rest of my life, but I will take it to the next stage to see what happens. I'm more than happy to take it to (Los Angeles) and then see where it goes. I agreed to do it because I realized the real politics of being a name and how effective that is. But I do think it could survive without me, y'know, with good actors."

He touched upon the musical's initial Broadway run back in 2014 admitting, "I think it was maybe too ambitious at first, but we learned our mistakes in the full glare of publicity, and I don't regret that. For me it's never finished. I'm constantly tinkering with it and looking at ways it can be modified. The Broadway world tends to be locked but in my world, music, I don't go there and try and reproduce something I wrote or recorded 40 years ago exactly the way it was. There's no other way if you're me. But I'm pretty determined, and I don't give in easily because I can see the value of it."

Prior to the current Canadian production of The Last Ship, Sting told CBC how the musical spotlights the world from which he came: "I literally lived within spitting distance of a shipyard -- one of the most famous shipyards in the world. Some of the largest vessels ever constructed on planet Earth were built at the end of my street. My earliest memories were of giant ships towering over the houses -- and actually blotting out the sun for most of the year. I watched thousands of men walk down the street to work in the yard every day and as a kid I would think, 'Well, is this my destiny?' My grandfather had worked there, my father built turbine."

Sting admitted that his earliest ambition was to leave the world he was born into: "That was the last thing I wanted (laughs) was a dark, dangerous, frightening place. And so, I got a scholarship and I went to grammar school and they taught me Latin, and history, and philosophy, and I never, ever thought about the shipyard again."