There are times in your life you just know that you will remember something that happened that will be the source of laughter in your family.    One of those happened to me this weekend

My wife and I were on I-80 on our way to Park city on Saturday to see some friends play Hockey.   As I approached a slow moving Semi I put on my turn signal (safety 1st) and as I changed lanes there it was in the middle of the road with no time to react A DEAD SKUNK!  And as the song says “Stinking to High Heaven”.   Yep, that smell got all over my car!   You can stop laughing now!   The smell is almost gone?

That was just a part of a great weekend!  We had a visit from two little girls and I spent most of the weekend laughing as my wife and this 12 year old and 8 year old were having a great time.   I wish I had just a little of the energy of these two kids.  Heck I wish I had any energy at all.

That was my weekend a smelly fun weekend that I will always remember!

Today’s Stupid news involves a scandal, the World series, and Beer.  Listen here

Laugh lines comes from John Pinnette about Trick or Treating.

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