$100,000 in property, including computer hard drives featuring unreleased music, were returned to Tom Petty's family. TMZ reported that a thief pillaged Petty's storage unit in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley and swiped guitars, guns, and hard drives featuring unheard Petty recordings.

According to the report, a suspect has been arrested who allegedly confessed to the burglary. Although the hard drives are back under lock and key — the cops are still trying to locate the stolen instruments and weapons.

Tom Petty said that his main mission when hitting the studio is that he makes honest, original, and authentic music: “We just wanted to make an album. It sounds like a novel idea, but just where it's all human beings playing the music, y'know? Where guys actually play a drum and play the guitar and sing with each other and all stand there together and do it. And that's really what I know best and enjoy the most.”