The year 2020 has been for the lack of better terms  STRESFULL!!!!!

We started the year with hope and expectations and whispers of what was to come.   Corona Virus – Covid 19.  Toilet paper and cleaning product hoarding. 

 It seems the Utah Jazz became kind of a tipping point of the Pandemic, when Rudy Gorbert announced he had Covid 19.  Watching the empty arena and the announcers speculating as to what the future held, I had a Star Wars moment  ‘I’VE GOT A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS”

What happened next is up for a debate and this is just my personal opinion.  The government started with all the restrictions and here in Northern Utah it might have been too much too soon because now as we watch numbers of cases at  a near record pace, we are seeing a backlash from some.  Right or wrong it is a stressful situation.

Now for me I am taking all the precautions I can.  I wear my mask in public, I practice social distancing and try to keep good hygiene.

Once again that is my opinion one that several friends do not agree with and that is OK.   I just think it such a small thing wearing a mask, I would rather worry about bigger things.

We have seen social unrest.   Weather extremes, wildfires and smoke and haze in the air.   We have missed events and being able to see many friends. 


A new survey asked 1,000 Americans to name the most stressful moments in life.  And MOVING took the top spot.  (The survey was paid for by a moving company though, so you might want to take that one with a grain of salt.)

Here are the top ten . . .

 1.  Moving.

2.  Going through a big break-up or divorce.

3.  Getting married.

4.  Having kids.

5.  Starting your first job.

6.  Changing careers.

7.  Sending your kid off to college.

8.  Starting college yourself.

9.  Dating someone new.

10.  Getting a new pet. 

 I would add  losing your job, the death of a loved one , dealing with illness,  the list could be endless

So, as I sit here at my computer, I take a breath and think about the good things coming in the future  ……. I hope.