was not surprised at all to find out the Pandemic is causing us stress.  Come on just the thought of maybe using the newspaper instead of squeezing your Charmin would cause the old BP to rise.

Then add the self-isolation the social distancing working from home and how dang hard it is to breath in those masks.  

I am stressed out!Here are 5 ways to tell if you are stressed  

  1.  You’re tired, even when you haven’t done much.  Stress alone is exhausting, even when you’re not physically active.  And chronic fatigue can be a sign you’re depressed.


  1. You startle really easily.  It might be a sign you’re feeling tense.  We’re more likely to be jumpy when we’re on edge.


  1. You’re TOO productive or zoned in on a hobby.  Excessive enthusiasm and extreme productivity are coping mechanisms for some people.  Having zero interest in stuff can also be a sign of stress though.


  1. More headaches.  Possibly because you’re overly tense and anxious.  Things like dizziness, ulcers, insomnia, and stomach problems can also be linked to anxiety.


  1. You’re more forgetful.  When your brain is overloaded with stress, it’s harder to manage simple tasks and checklists that would normally be routine.

According to the American Psychological Association, employee stress is costing businesses $300 billion per year.

Taking my own advice and relax and just deal with it don’t put extras pressure on yourself.  I say this after a restless night where all I could think about was working from home and getting ready for another wrist surgery, my third in less than a year.  Other than that, why am I stressed