Just living life can be frustrating enough but when you add technology problems well let’s just say THE FOUR LETTER WORDS CAN FLY!!!

Let me explain from something that happened just last night.  I was doing some volunteer work with another man and we needed to do that work on a computer.

When it comes to computers I know enough to get myself in trouble but last night an issue came up and it took 10 minutes but I figured it out, I was as surprised as you are.

Back to work and we need to print a report.   The computer prompts were a great help.  I hit print and a window opens to ask which printer to send the document, I checked the printers and matched up the identification number and hit print.   Wait , wait , wait , wait.  No printing yet, I checked my work.  NOPE.  I must have tried 5 or 6 times and the frustration level grew.

Another man comes into the room and I asked for help.  As he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders a mechanical sound started and then then _______ thing started to print.   I had not done anything different I mean the stupid printer started working out of nowhere!

A few weeks ago my work computer started acting up and I asked for help.  The tech comes in and I explain what the computer was doing, he looks at me and says “That can’t happen”

Are you kidding me I have watched it do the same thing over and over and here he was telling me it can’t happen!  Frustration level is rising.  I did have a little vindication about 2 weeks later when the same problem happened again.  This time they found the problem and fixed.

So I have locked away that memory for the next time a tech tells me I can’t happen.

As I always say I might be dumb but I am also ignorant

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