Dennis DeYoung will release his latest studio set, titled, 26 East: Volume 1, next spring, according to The collection, which will be issued on the Frontiers imprint, will feature the recently recorded Julian Lennon duet "The Good Old Days." DeYoung explained how the current crop of songs has been split into two volumes: "This was supposed to be my final album but there were so many songs written that Serafino Perugino, CEO of Frontiers, suggested dividing it into two albums rather than one. So be it. This is Volume 1, which sounds pretentious to me, but the marketing folks wanted you to know there are going to be two of them, so hey kids, there are two of them; this is Volume 1." The album takes its title from DeYoung's childhood home in the Roseland, the South side of Chicago.

DeYoung shed light on how he teamed up on the new album with fellow Chicago native -- Ides Of March and Survivor leader, Jim Peterik: "If not for Jim Peterik's encouragement, talent and prodding I would not have recorded this music. He once told me that the world needed my music; to which I replied 'have the world text me for verification.' We collaborated from the get go, happily and seamlessly and at this time we have written nine songs together of which five will be on Volume 1. Just two Chicago guys doing what they do best, making music and having a laugh."

Not surprisingly, Styx, who have been eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1997, are all realizing that with the prog and AOR heavyweights finally gaining entry to the Hall, Styx's chances are getting better every year. Despite having no ongoing relationship with Tommy Shaw and J.Y. Young, who lead the current version of the band, Dennis DeYoung told us he sees good things ahead regarding Styx and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: "They've changed their attitude toward music that was created in the '70s that was not only wildly popular, but had the audacity to last so they couldn't write it off as a flash in the pan -- because it isn't and it wasn't. So, that's cool. If it happens, it'll be wondrous and I. . . here's my prediction, should it happen, we will all be standing on that stage and we will be performing together."