A year after releasing The Mission, their critically acclaimed first new album in 14 tears, Styx will reissue a two-disc deluxe version of the set. The new package will include a CD of the original album, as well as a Blu-ray of The Mission mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound by Tommy Shaw and producer Will Evankovich "accompanied by stunning visualizations for each of the album’s 14 songs based on the album artwork."

Other extras on the Blu-ray include: "The Making Of The Mission Documentary" featuring exclusive interviews from Shaw and Evankovich; four music videos -- 'Gone Gone Gone' (official video), 'Gone Gone Gone" (video created by NASA), 'Radio Silence' (lyric video) and 'Radio Silence' (live video from Syracuse, NY) -- along with the option of three hi-res audio playback modes.

  • The Mission was originally released on June 16th, 2017 and peaked at Number Six on Billboard's Top Rock Albums chart. The concept album takes place in 2033, and chronicles a fictional take on the first manned mission to Mars.
  • Tommy Shaw told us that it was extremely important to record an album free from the gadgetry that ruins so many new projects: "We were just trying to keep everything cohesive, and what are the sounds that we like? Well, the concept of 'let's make a modern sounding record' -- there's not a single digital plug-in on that record. Everything that you hear hit tape. The drums were recorded on two Studer 24-track machines, so all analog on an analog board. We already have a sound -- a sound that we all love."