Many years ago I gave up trying to come up with NEW YEAR’S Resolutions.

I mean I had resolved to lose weight, exercise more and to make more money.  Today I am poor out of shape and my diet plan appeared on ‘Americans Most Wanted’

So I decide no resolutions for me just suggestions for 20-20

I suggest Democrats and Republicans grow up and do what they were elected to do

I suggest that we treat each other with more respect

I suggest that as a punishments to thief’s and porch pirates, victims be allowed to take anything of similar value that were stolen plus the thief’s  reimburse victims twice the value of items stolen.

I suggest that restaurants give discounts to us who ask. For no cheese on a cheeseburger.

I suggest that more streaming services offer group discounts.

I suggest that fans if Frozen just let it go.

I suggest that if you don’t want to cheat on your love don’t appear on “Temptation Island”

I suggest that propel actually use your turn signals

I suggest that during winter storms to clean your front and back windshield and don’t forget your headlights and taillights

I suggest that when using a shopping cart don’t turn the cart sideways

I suggest that while using a shopping cart in the store not to park your cart and stand beside it blocking the isle.

I suggest that a parking lot should be treated like a regular road instead of an open field.

I suggest that if you do use the parking lot to at least be aware of those driving in lanes

I suggest that these suggestions are just that suggestions and I suggest most will just do what they want anyway.

I suggest this is a free country and we have rules and regulations and if you don’t like work to change them, not just complain

I suggest that if you break any law knowingly they be prepared to face the consequences

Finally  I suggest that we need to laugh at ourselves , more often because as I suggest we are not perfect and  I make the suggestion that as hard as it is to believe I am not perfect.

Today is National buffet day: here is montage of standup comedians talking buffets

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