It is time for the Super bowl, the Eagles and the Patriots will play for the Lombardi trophy.  Yes I will be watching with snacks on hand.

Over the years this game has played an important part of my life.  The 1st game I ever remember watching was Super bowl 2 the game between the Packers and the Raiders.  I watched it at a friend’s house and remember running home and telling my Mom how great football is.

I almost got to go to a Super Bowl in New Orleans.  When I was working in Central LA.  The game was Da Bears and the Patriots.   It was the year of the Super bowl Shuffle and I watched the game on the TV.   The next morning a friend called me and said he ALMOST called me Sunday morning because someone had offered him his tickets but he didn’t call me because he didn’t think I would want to go!  I ALMOST CAME UNGLUED ON THE DUDE!   That is probably the only time I will ever have a chance to go.


Friday morning I had a little shadow, well not so little he is almost 16.  His name Jon Bair and he was doing this as a school assignment.   I had some fun with him and probably embarrassed him a few times.  But that is what I do.

Stupid news; had a update, a stupid decision and pancakes

Laff lines: Super Bowl