There’s something wrong with your car.  It squeaks, it won’t start very well or it doesn’t run the way you think it should.  You take it to the mechanic and wow no squeak, the engine runs smooth.  THE STUPID CAR RUNS PERFECT AND NOW YOU FEEL LIKE THE DUMBEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!

It happens to me to but yesterday it wasn’t my car it was the stupid computer.

When I got to the station at 5am on Monday, the computer was acting funny.   I go into my Tech mode and get it working right away.  My morning is going great!

Then the lack of computer knowledge hits.   I was having trouble accessing my e-mail.   I try everything…. Time to ask a Tech guy.  Kevin comes in and has it running right away.  I had repeatedly typed in my password wrong.   One of the letters was supposed to be in CAPS!  Boy did I feel stupid.

Fast forward 1 hour and I am doing some computer work for the station and the stupid program will not work!!!!  I said to myself “I can figure this out”


One hour later I give up ask for help.   Kyle arrives to do his superhero computer stuff.  I show him what is not working……….BUT IT IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!

As my anger and frustration subside, I thank Kyle for his assistance.   Boy did I feel (insert bad language here)

I know it happens to everyone, but I am not everyone I am ME!

That brought back a weird memory from my dating days.  I was on a double date, the girl I was with I had taken out a few times.  A friend of mine and his girlfriend were with us.   But I was having a really bad day, nothing was going right, I was in a bad mood and I knew it.  I apologized several times for my gloomy outlook but I was in a bad mood.

The date went fine, we had a good time but once again I had to apologize for my bad mood.  Luckily she understood.

After we dropped off the girls who lived in the same complex it was time for my friend and I t go home.   I turn the key in my car, it eventually starts up. I reach up to the gear shift to get it in reverse and the entire gear shift comes off and into my hand.  THE ENTIRE GEAR SHIFT!

I sat in my car with a glazed look in my eyes and said ‘WHAT IN THE —————- AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS”.  Then I just started laughing.  The kind of laugh that brings tears to your eyes.  You and your entire body and laughing and you can’t stop.

My friend thought I was having a nervous breakdown and was getting out of the car to call for help.  It took me several minutes to convince him that I was fine and just found the situation funny.

My bad mood was gone.  Laughter is the best medicine

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