I miss baseball, basketball, hockey, and I am afraid that I will miss football most of all.  I just do not think with all the bad news of Covid 19 that as August rolls around we will be talking football.

I miss competition!  If you are like me, you are seeking sports.  I have 3 different competition show on tv that will help fill the void.

Pro- Wrestling, now I realize it is not for everyone and for those who say it is fixed I say SO WHAT! I know all about the “pre-determined” matches for what they are the battle of good and evil.  Don’t believe me I invite you to check out my Pod-cast Turnbuckle trash and there is a link on the webpage.  I have two great friends and fellow TRASHHEADS   Zane Petersen a native of Cache Valley and Christopher Evans who is North Carolina.  I think as fans we can help other fans and newer fans understand what is going in the squared circle.

There are two other competitions shows that are just fun.

The Titan games is a competition of 2 men 2 women faced against each other for a chance to face a Titian on an obstacle course that taxes every muscle to beat a Titian to become a Titan.   The NBC show is hosted by Dewayne Johnson.  The Rock This is a fun show.

Then on Fox a show that takes a simple childhood game and amps it up to an Ultimate competition.   Ultimate tag is just that Tag, but wow does it get intense.

So, the next time you crave sports and competition and ESPN is showing a re-fun of the Pro Paint Drying tournament.  Become a Titian, play some tag and find some wrestling

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