I graduated high school in 1975 and that same year a tech advance revolutionized how we watched TV.   On this date in 1975 Sony introduced the BETAMAX VIDEOCASSETTE RECORDED.  Yeah now just follow the instructions and you could record your favorite TV shows and watch them later.  One problem, nobody could follow the directions and it didn’t record!

And then there was the cost.  In 1975 you could get your Betamax for only $995, but wait there’s more in a few years that one thousand dollar investment was obsolete.   More people chose the VCR over Betamax.  Guess which one I had?…….. The answer is BETAMAX.   No I waited for several years before I bought my Beta but in just a few short years it was time to use it as a boat anchor.

All this made me start thinking about Tech that was so KOOL when it came out that today has gone the way of the ……BETAMAX

With the help of the webpage Webdesignerdepot.com here are some gadgets from yesteryear that are gone from everyday life but will still show up in your favorite Antique store or Flea market.

 The Super 8/mm handheld video camera.  Birthday parties were never the same again. 

Cassette tape recorders, yeah now you could wait by your radio and tape the song to listen to over and over again, only to have the tape spool out and you would take a pencil and slow turn the little wheel to save that tape

Analog Telephones:  There are still some people who have that landline phone at home.  I have one not hooked up but I have one.   It is a novelty X-Men phone with Wolverine.

The Sony Walkman—now you could take your music with you either on cassette or on the radio.  And don’t forget the stylish headphones.

The 8 track tape, I had a blog about my life long desire to take a sledge hammer to one.  NEVER OWNED ONE.

Transistor radios:   I loved mine.  I could sit outside on a warm summer night and slowly turn the dial and listen tor far away radio stations like WLS in Chicago and KOMA in Oklahoma City and if I was lucky I could find a station playing Stouts Card Baseball.

Pagers:   I got in trouble at work because of a pager.  One of my best friends worked with me but he was in sales and he had an audio pager and I would send him voice pages all the time. Once I sent a comical page with a Quote from Lavern and Shirley and he was with a client.   It wasn’t dirty but it wasn’t a good time to be playing Pager Tag.   Now I just send Text with lots of emoji’s

I wonder what tech from today will be forgotten about in 20 years.   I will have to think about that the next time I am watching TV and need to adjust my Rabbit ears.

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