Some people have thankless jobs from the website here are 5 jobs that are thankless but I think they forgot one but 1st here are 5

Farmers, Garbage collectors, Window Cleaners Police fire and Ambulance dispatchers and IRS Agents SAY WHAT! WHAT WAS THAT, DID I JUST READ YOU RIGHT ARE YOU KIDDING ME IRS AGENTS!!!!!!!!

For all those agents I am only joking——PLEASE KNOW I AM ONLY JOKING PLEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I think one of the most thankless jobs has to be a TV weather reporter.  Take this past weekend for instance.  On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there were predictions of showers and thunderstorms for Saturday morning so what happens in Northern Utah it was a spectacular Saturday.  I think the nicest day of the year.

Alas , the poor weather man or weather person ( got to be PC nowadays) makes these predictions and most of the time they are at very least but not on Saturday and now they have to put up with people like me making fun of them on a blog post just like this one.    Think of it at least once in your life you saw Mark Ewbank in that white coat and you called him nasty names.   Just remember the times they got it right!  When thunderstorms popup, the scorching heat of summer or even that blizzard that hits during the morning commute (stupid white coat anyway) that these people are highly trained professionals but Mother Nature can throw a wicked Curve ball!

I even considered becoming a Meteorologist but then I found out you had to use math and …..HEY IT’S MATH!!

Just remember this IRS agents I WAS ONLY KIDDING!

Starting Tuesday May 22nd during the morning show be listening for the Chewbacca Battle cry — here is what sounds is like.

When you hear it during the morning show only be caller 10 at 753-1039 or 279-8855 and if you are the 10th caller I will give you 2 tickets to see ‘SOLO, A STAR WARS STORY”  on Tuesday May 29th at the University Stadium for the 7pm showing.

Today on the morning show a heartwarming story of kindness from Huston Texas.  And we had some fun at the expense of THE ROYAL WEDDING!

Stupid news: A New York Barber goes WWE and what do you hear?    AGAIN

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