I admit it I love football! I love the Superbowl! What I don’t love is all the hype before the game. This week DEFLATE GATE let the air out of my excitement for the game. Marshawn Lynch and his protest against media day “I’m only here so I won’t get fined” wore thin on me real fast. I watched him make a fool of himself the next 2 days and then it hit me, he was doing it to draw attention to himself and away from his teamates. It is either brilliant or distubing, I just don’t know which.

As I was just starting to sour on this years Superbowl a human intrest story made me remember about the good these players do. Even Marshawn Lynch has an inner city chairity he supports. But the story that I loved involved for USU Aggie linebacker Bobby Wagner, who with the help of the MAKE A WISH foundation called a 14 year old fan who is fighting with serious health issues to tell him he was going to this years Superbowl. This young man’s reaction , the pure joy of talking to one of his favorite players and getting to go to the game really touched me. You can listen to it here

So, I keep reminding myself that with all the negative in our everyday lives we need to find something everyday to make us smile. Serving others, a good joke, a good book, a good meal, a great song on the radio ( couldn’t leave that out) there are lots of ways everyday that we can find to make us smile at least once. Life is just to hard not to pause at least once a day to find our smile again. So here’s to a great weekend full of things to make us smile! I know the Superbowl snacks will make me smile.

Have a great weekend

Here are a few of the things we did this week that made me smile mice, Deflate gate Bad Movies and Go Daddy