It has been a rough couple of days for me.  Nothing happened in my personal life at all.  However in the space of twenty four hours 2 of my favorite entertainers passed away.

Frist it was Doris Day.  The singer dancer actress who could make you laugh in films like “Pillow Talk” , “The Glass Bottom Boat “and she made me believe that the old west Calamity Jane could do anything better than me.

Then as a dramatic actress she was one of the best of all time. In Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Doris day had her on sitcom that ran for 128 episode.

But I remember her for that incredible  singing voice Not just” Que Sera Sera” and “Sentimental Journey” is one of my all-time favorite songs a song that was released twelve years before I was born!

One more Doris Day memory.  The movie “Glass Bottom Boat” was part of my Honeymoon.   My wife and I were on a cruise ship to Catalina Island and both remarked about seeing the island in the movie.  Of course we had to take a glass bottomed boat tour too.

As I think about it, we were not the first or the last couple to think about Doris Day as we explored Catalina Island

Doris day was a strong woman who survived a bankruptcy and in her later life was an advocate for all animals.

Doris Day was one of my boy hood crushes!

Now Tim Conway was not a crush at all but I will tell you what, I admired his talent over the years.  He could make you laugh with just a look.  From over 25 movie roles.  Countless TV appearance he was one of my all-time favorite comedians.

Then there was the Carol Burnett show!  How many times have we all gone to You tube just to watch Tim work his magic with “The Elephant Story” or “The Dentist” The Little old man and so many times he would adlib and the cast would start uncontrollable laughter.

Tim and Harvey Korman were magic together!  Why? Harvey could not contain his laughter when Tim would get on a roll.  Both have told the story about The Dentist” when Harvey peed his pants during the skit.

Tim was a comic legend.

Here is a video to show how talented both Doris Day and Tim Conway were.


Stupid news:  A drive thru, dribbling and historic Floyd

Laugh lines:  Jim Gaffagan Elevators and Eating

One more thing about Tim Conway:  One of my favorite comic lines about being angry came from him.  It is a visual gag but I think you can see it in your mind.  ‘YOU KNOW WHAT BURNS MY BUTT?”  then place you hand on your butt and sayh ‘FLAMES UP TO HERE”