Thanksgiving weekend is almost here, friends and family gather to eat and give thanks for the blessings in their lives.   But after the Turkey, and several slices of pie, the football games are boring and you can’t stand the thoughts of watch a rerun of the Macey’s Thanksgiving parade.  What can you do as a family except fight over politics?

How about a Thanks giving moving?

I went to a website called and they had this list.  I admit I haven’t seen some of these so I can’t recommend each one but here are some ideas for you

  1. Alice’s Restaurant – 1969.  I love the song but have never seen the movie.  I doubt this is one the kids would like

9… Dutch

Staring Ed O’Neill (Modern family) a story about a construction worker attempting to get his girlfriend’s son home for Thanksgiving

  1. Pieces of April from 2003 it stars Katie Holmes and is a comedy drama. Never seen the film but I love the song by 3 Dog Night
  2. The New World a thanksgiving story about the Pilgrims staring Colin Farrell

6 Pocahontas.  1995 it is a Disney Princess Movie and I bet the little girls in your family have watched over and over and over and over. …. Well you get what I am trying to say

5 Home for the holiday’s   a great cast Robert Downey Jr, Dylan McDermott and Anne Bancroft a romantic comedy set at Thanksgiving

4 Son in Law.  I think the only funny movie Pauley Shore ever did.  Set at Thanksgiving as a farmer’s daughter takes her strange friends to the farm and this fish out of water film has several belly laughs.   “INBREEDERS” still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

  1. The Blind Side. What can I say it is a Sandra Bullock movie!  Based on the true story of Football star Michael Oher and his new family, this is truly a great film with Oscar winning performances.  And did I mention it has Sandra Bullock

2 Planes trains and Automobiles.   This 1987 cross country buddy film stars Steve Martin and the late John Candy.  Two men trying to get home for Thanksgiving, at least Steve is.   ‘THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS” if you have seen the movie you probably laughed right then, if you haven’t see it and you will.

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas.    What can you say about this sweet heart warming show but it is a classic and it’s Peanuts!  And I love Peanuts.

I hope this gives you a few ideas for some entertainment thanksgiving weekend.

Now I need a Turkey Sandwich some more pie and my big screen TV oh yeah 2 fluffy pillows (THOSE AREN’T PILLOWS)


Stupid news, a traffic stop, The Waffle House and a Big bang  Listen here:


TV history on this date in 1980, what was it?  Listen here

Laff lines is Dennis Regan