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Dang, Drats, &^%$ sometimes life doesn’t throw you a curve ball!  It throws a change up!

Baseball analogy aside, life is full of little disappointments.  It happens every day little annoying things that just get under your skin.

Running out of hot water while you are in the shower.

Reading a good book with a bad ending.

Eating a soggy sandwich.

Going to a favorite restaurant only to find out they have changed the menu and taken your favorites off the menu.

Stubbing you toe.

You stop to smell the roses and they have no smell.

You get ready to start your day, get to work and realize you forgot to brush your teeth.

You wait forever at a FAST FOOD RESTURANT.

Going to the restroom and there is not Toilet Paper.

Leaving your nice cool house on a hot day.

Going to see a movie that your friends love and you hate it.

Recording a TV on show on your DVR and you sit down to watch it and the recording stops 15 minutes in.

Yep life is full of little disappointments.  And a new one hit me yesterday.   I was at home with the TV on and there was a commercial for the release of “AVENGERS, END GAME” buy it now!

I had visions of sitting in my favorite chair with my wife   POP Corn and a tall cool drink and watching END game on our very on Big screen and sound system.   I ran into the bedroom put my shoes on and was almost out the door when I realized that you could only purchase the digital version.  You know the one that is not on your DVD, Blue Ray or 4k.    I don’t want a digital copy I WANT SOMETHING IN MY HANDS!

Another one of life’s little disappointments I had to delay my plan for a movie night with my wife but as with most little disappointments it turned out OK.   My wife was there, still had a tall cold drink, no popcorn but I did watch AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!

That was fine!

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