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When I lived in Missouri I was having lunch with friends at a little hamburger joint struggling to stay open.  The burger came out with fries and I asked for a side of mayo and ketchup.   The waitress and my friends watched in horror as I mixed my mayo and the ketchup together and started dipping my fries.


That is when I told them about Fry Sauce which at that time was just a Utah Idaho thing.  I even told the owner to mix some together and advertise to try the amazing fry sauce.  But the owner didn’t want to stay in business and served no fry sauce.   He was out of business within 6 months.

Some food combinations sound strange but they work for some but not for others.

Growing up I loved taking mashed potatoes and spreading it like butter on my bread, roll or biscuits. Nummy, but my Mom would freak out sometimes.

So what are some strange combo’s that some people like to other’s YUK’O

I had friends that would eat peanut butter and tomato sandwiches right in front of me.

There are people that go to Wendy’s and get fries and a drip those fries in a Frosty.

Popcorn can be flavored so many ways, with melted butter and soy sauce or hot sauce,   if you read the Little House on the Prairie books it talks about popcorn in a bowl and pour milk on it. (So my sister told me, me read Little House?  Laurel Ingalls is not a super hero)

Ramen noodles with a slice of melted cheese. (I used to cook up ramen pour out all the hot water then add the spice packet with butter and sometimes a little ranch dressing, dang I might do that for lunch

I guess my point would be that it might sound and look awful but you just might want to try it.  I tried the Fries and frosty thing ONCE, JUST ONCE .NEVER AGAIN.

But I will not make fun of any culinary midget with not taste bud who does like the frosty fry thing.   No I say live and let live, pass the mashed potatoes and some toast please

Today was a bad joke day here are some of the best


Stupid news watching Friends for profit and the next time I fly I am taking my horse on board with me.

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